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Desktop-Tile-Start-Menu-HeroMicrosoft has announced the next major update to Windows 10 that will arrive this summer, aptly named the ‘Anniversary Update’. or code named as Red-stone 1 for Windows insider testers No date is shared by Microsoft yet, but promoting as the ‘Anniversary Update’, it expected to arrive near the end of July as that’s when the company released Windows 10. There are few new features that are coming, everything from bio-metric announcements to improved pen support.

Bio-metric: It will now be possible to use the bio-metric login systems, like Windows Hello, with Edge and supported Windows apps.

Windows Ink: This new feature is a way to more broadly use the pen that ships with the Surface Book and Pro 4. Windows Ink is an all new feature enabling you to write on your device to make notes or use an app like a whiteboard.

Cortana: The personal digital assistant is getting a few improvements as well. Cortana will now be available directly from the lock screen and she has also learned how to proactively make suggestions for you through-out your day, like offering to buy you lunch or send a presentation on your behalf.

UWP apps to Xbox: Microsoft will enable UWP apps on the Xbox one, Cortana will be enabled and also have the ability to run music in the background. Also, after this update, every Xbox One will be able to be turned into a developer kit.

There are some expectations to see some visual tweaks as well with the new updates. Let’s see what is there in future of latest Windows 10 Update

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